20 Unique and Real Wedding Cakes

Over the past few days, we’ve been gathering a nice little collection of unique wedding cake photos that we’ve found on the Internet while searching for wedding cake design ideas. While our cake style will be classy, simple and elegant, the 20 wedding cakes below make a bold statement by being anything but traditional. Click on a picture to visit the original source.

disaster wedding cake

The Disaster Wedding Cake pictures

hostess wedding cake

Ultra-Dessert Wedding Cake pictures

drunk wedding cake

Drunken Wedding Cake pictures

deer wedding cake

Hunter Wedding Cake pictures

nightmare wedding cake

Nightmare Wedding Cake pictures

murder wedding cake

Murder Wedding Cake pictures

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Tiramasu Wedding Cake pictures

wedding cakes

Curve Tiered Wedding Cake pictures

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Silhouette Wedding Cake pictures

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Truffles Wedding Cake pictures

hole wedding cake

Hole In The Wedding Cake pictures

sushi wedding cake

Sushi Wedding Cake pictures

wedding cakes

Slanted Wedding Cake pictures

wedding cakes

Stairway Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

Downhill Ski Wedding Cake pictures

hostess <span class=

Twinkies Wedding Cake

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Flowerbox Wedding Cake pictures

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake pictures

~ 20 Unique Wedding Cakes by the Austin Wedding Blog~
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  • Mark

    That sushi one looks gross and that Beatles on is pretty cool.

  • Twinkie Wedding Cake? I love it!! Might need to scale it back a little though and use it for a groom’s cake.

  • These cakes are great, so creative! I love the nightmare -Corpse Bride cake!

  • haha, awesome Cake. A++

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that Beatles yellow submarine one is killer!

  • dani

    I love the hole in wedding cake! Thats a riot 🙂

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  • Thanks for all the comments guys! This post was totally fun to put together!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I wanted to fix a mistake.. It's a Corpse Bride.. not the nightmare before christmas cake!

  • Beautiful cakes! I help run a venue in Birmingham AL. Most brides still want to keep the top tier of their cake but if you plan to keep it a year, you must store it properly.

    First, pre-freeze it for a few hours once it arrives home. This makes it much easier to wrap. Second wrap it in plastic wrap and keep as much air out as possible. Third wrap it in foil. Finally put it into something that is air tight like tupper ware.

    Of course a year is a long time, but if you want to even attempt to eat it (without tasting like stale refrigerator water) you must store it properly

  • I like the cake with a dragon and castle. (-:

  • Wow, brilliant cakes. Love the nightmare cake especially!

  • Wow Looks so delicious.the designs are awesome.

  • Jem

    Amazing! I love the stairway cake! Having those kinds of funky cakes are just fun!

  • Wow, what wonderfully creative cakes! I can't decide which one is my favorite. There are so many amazing ones here.