Texas Longhorns Wedding Cake

University of Texas Longhorns Wedding Cake
Ok all you Longhorn fans, feast your eyes on this charming four-tiered University of Texas wedding cake! Living in Austin, I’ve seen a lot of UT inspired wedding cakes but this one, well…takes the cake. This beauty was created by Sansalone’s Specialty Cakes and Fine Pastries.

If you’ve run across any other great UT-themed wedding cakes, please share them in our comments! Hook ’em!

  • That cake is AWESOME! The one's I've seen have too much orange in them, but this one looks classy. We were thinking of having a UT cake for our upcoming wedding (both of us are alumni) but decided on just having a orange-ish decor. Will definitely have to send you some pics after our big day!

    We did find a cool longhorn groom's cake idea though!

    Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Nia

    Gawd this is too cool! Don't think my Aggie fiance would go for it but it probably be easily customized for maroon. Thanks for sharing

  • HatesOklahoma

    Here's another cool longhorn cake. Having Bevo at the actual wedding would be sweet also.

  • Abbey, that groom's cake rocks!

  • The cake is looking very cool!!!

  • Absolutely a perfect wedding cakes its good that shared you this. Keep posting!


  • Beautiful.