Sunday, January 31, 2010

25 Smart Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiant

austin wedding officiant
Now that we are in the process of researching wedding officiants for our big day, I wanted to share this list of questions that we put together to ask the candidates that we meet with. Choosing the right person to officiate over a ceremony is important because this vendor, unlike others, will be featured alongside both of you during your most intimate ceremony moments so having a good connection will be crucial in creating a comfortable and enjoyable bonding atmosphere. If you or anyone you know is getting married, this list of 25 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiant will surely be a handy resource to bookmark.

How long have you been a ceremony officiant?
How many weddings have you performed?
Are you available on my wedding date?
Have you ever officiated at our venue before? How did it go?
Will you marry couples of different faiths?
Do we have to be a member of your church?
Do you require any pre-marital or religious class requirements?
Will you marry couples if one or both have been divorced?
Do you allow for couples to personalize their own wedding vows?
Do you allow flash photography during the ceremony?
Do you have any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party's attire?
Do you provide any prayers or meal blessings during the wedding day?
Do you allow any non-religious readings or music?
Would you be able to attend the rehearsal dinner with your spouse?
What is your service fee?
What does your fee include?
What attire do you wear while performing a ceremony?
Do you charge for travel to our venue?
What are you time restrictions?
Do you need a copy of our marriage certificate before the ceremony?
If so, will you be mailing it to the state after the ceremony if performed?
Can you provide any sample wording for your ceremony?
How far in advance should we book your services?
What is your cancellation policy?

Hope this list helps.
Good luck!


  1. Super helpful. Thank you!

  2. Well done, but i also think it is important to ask the officiant if he/she is actually familiar with the laws or legal requirements of marriage in the state of California (or Texas, or whatever state you are in). At the very least, it may be helpful to ask for proof of ordainment or other qualification to perform/solemnise the ceremony...

  3. Very informative post. It is very important task and helps me in my son wedding.

  4. All good questions.

    I'd like to add that it might be helpful to get to know how an officiant's mind ticks... asking why they became an officiant and why it interests them can reveal a lot.


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