Teacup Wedding Cake

Instead of a classic wedding cake, why not have a teacup wedding cake! Each one of the beautiful vintage teacups are filled with a delicious cupcake and could easily double as a wedding favor. {Swoon!}

Teacup Wedding Cake
Teacup Wedding CakeTeacup Wedding CakeTeacup Wedding CakeTeacup Wedding CakeTeacup Wedding Cake

Ritzy, sophisticated, elegant and unique.
Such a lovely combination!

Found on Style & Sensibility

  • You always find the coolest wedding stuff!! Love these!

  • I bet that cost quite a bit of money to put together. Great idea for a small wedding but would definitely be more expensive for a large crowd wedding. Either way it's gorgeous!

  • Oooo… this is simply brilliant!

  • SavvyGal

    Are the cupcakes baked in the teacups are are they placed in there?

  • Pretty and dainty!

  • wow! we love these cupcakes.

  • The Mad Hatter would love these!

  • I adore this! I'm in wonderland! Thank you so much for posting this – It's such a good idea!

  • This teacup themed wedding is simply adorable.I think the cupcakes look so great a treat when placed in the teacups.Love the teacup wedding cake decor too!

  • Absolutely adorable!

  • this cake and teacups make me feel the movie alice in wonderland 🙂

  • Oh my goodness that is adorable!

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! The more I look, themore i want a do over on my own wedding! What a simply adorable idea!