Rice Crispy “Popsicle” Wedding Favors

One of the main reasons that couples choose not to have wedding favors at their reception is lack of budget. Wedding favors cost money and sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge to a planning budget bride. Well, instead of totally foregoing this gesture of appreciation for all your family and guests, why not offer them something that they’ll totally love and won’t break the bank. Introducing…. Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Popsicles!

rice krispy treats wedding favors 3

rice krispy treats wedding favors 4

rice krispy treats wedding favors 5

rice krispy treats wedding favors 6

rice krispy treats wedding favors 2

rice krispy treats wedding favors 1

If you’ve ever made regular ol’ Rice Krispie Treats, then you’ll have no problem make these delicious lovelies. For step-by-step instructions, head on over to Kathleen’s blog, Twig & Thistle, to see these and other wonderfully cute inspirations! Remember, happiness is making the most of what you have. Good luck with your wedding planning!

  • Anything dipped in chocolate is alright with me 🙂 I'm sharing this with my fiance. Have a great week.

  • SK

    Coolest idea I've seen today. I'm all about this!

  • Janelle

    Awesome and double awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhiskWhisk

    I would eat like 20 of these in one sitting. Great find!

  • I need one of those immediately. Perhaps three of them.

  • JandJ

    I bet someone could make a few dozen of these for less than $20. Thanks for sharing this frugal tip. Oh, and BTW, your blog rox!

  • Selene

    We just made rice krispy treats last week and it didn't even dawn on me that these could be used for my sister's upcoming day!

  • You know I love this. You know it. 🙂 Those pops are A for adorable!!

  • Want!

  • Anonymous

    We weren't going to have wedding favors….BUT NOW WE ARE

  • Hey you just gave me a brilliant idea. I love rice crispies, plus I love chocolate dips. I am going to test this wonderful, sweet treat on my friend's upcoming wedding! She was worried that she would not have wedding favors due to the high cost of her dress. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  • Rice crispy? wow!..I love it..I always wanted to have it..hhmm..crispier, yummier

  • Awesome and such a unique idea! Brilliant..

  • I would love to have three of these right now!

  • So delicious! I can imagine these dipped in my favorite milk chocolate! yum!