72 Groom Pocket Square Designs You Didn’t Know About

Hey all you soon-to-be-grooms! It’s YOUR wedding too, so why not step up your big day fashion by trying out a unique & new pocket square design!

Having a regular (formal) tucked-in pocket square is soooo 2008, so buck tradition and choose a fresh hankie concept that will add a fun flair to the refined sophistication of your tuxedo. Below are 72 examples to help inspire you to get those creative juices flowing!

groom handkerchiefs 5
groom handkerchiefs 6
groom handkerchiefs 3
groom handkerchiefs 4
groom handkerchiefs 2
groom handkerchiefs 1

Which one is your favorite?

(Source: Pocket Squarez)

  • Pretty cool! I'm showing this to my brother who just got engaged! Love your blog

  • When I worked at Ralph Lauren as a mens designer and stylist, I became familiar with a few of these styles. Personally I like the MOMENTUM with a little flatter peak. The IMPERIAL was another favorite of the company. Now, as a wedding photographer, i try to steer my clients in the right direction when it comes to pocket squares. Not all style applies to all groom. The important thing to remember with these styles, while they are all fancy looking, only certain folds are for certain people. It all has to do with your height, the shape of your face and the occasion! Very nice post

  • I worked at Ralph Lauren as a stylist/men's designer and I saw a few of theses styles there, not as a wedding photographers, i find the MOMENTUM a bit more useful than many of the other styles. the HYPERBOLE is another one of my favorites and EPISODE too.
    Very good post

  • This is such an awesome round up! I love the enigma.

  • These are fantastic! Who knew there were so many styls available! Thanks for sharing!

  • Crazy Dave In Midland

    As a future groom, I approve of this blog post.

  • Jill Dystolo

    Where were these when I had my wedding????

  • Mindy Smithins

    I personally like the "Mirage". It looks like a flower in the pocket. The nice things about your pocket squares is that they can match my bridesmaid's gown.

  • Anonymous

    WoW!!! These are the nicest folds I have ever seen. How do I get them?

  • Craig Weiss

    Nice selection. I believe individualism is a must. These will make your wedding party unique for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Real men fold and press their own handkerchiefs. Although these are very novel folds, I still prefer to take about 10 minutes out of my day to iron, fold and arrange my own style. I call this my me time. I approve of the concept though.

  • Anonymous

    The plain white ones are nice for a wedding party. The other colors, I am not to sure of. The flat style is the best though.

  • Tomeko Orothridge

    Simply smashing. I love all of them. I think they are nice for women business suits too.

  • I love all of them , but especially the ENIGMA and the VORTEX.

  • Gail Davis

    I like!!!!!! Where can I get some? scrubsale@aol.com

  • Gerard P.

    Nice change of pace for a conservative dresser like me. But some are a bit over the top for a wedding. Maybe for a night out on the town. But I do like the idea you can design your own pocket square. I think I might give it a go!

  • aro oka

    Where you get pocket squarez at?! Now coming wedding soon. Arougundale Okaolo

  • Cindy Mavis

    These are very different from conventional handkerchiefs. Do they sell them in stores in Florida? If so I will buy a few for dress wear. Thank you in advance. CM

  • Anonymous

    They are too wild for a country girl like me.

  • Anonymous

    SMART IDEA!!!!

  • The quality and variety is outstanding. Recommend highly. Craig Laenv

  • Marylou Sprotson

    I want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey, it'd be great if we could see how to do the folding of a pocket square for each one of those…

  • I have bought some and the quality is amazing. Will buy again and have shared the link with all my friends. Thanks.

  • Vishal

    Are is custom made or we can try this designs at home ? Any tutorials how to make them ?

  • These are simply awesome!

  • Victoria Fromm

    Where can I still get these? Can they be made for a wedding party of 9? Plus children?

  • Thank you !

  • Anonymous

    Very nice

  • One of a kind originality. Thumbs up to PocketSquareZ.