Wedding Trend Alert: Paper Quilling

Today, I want to share with all of you an emerging wedding trend that is beginning to catch on within the bridal industry. It’s called paper quilling, and I’m absolutely in love with the design element of it. If you’re not familiar, quilling is basically an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The concept is inspiring brides to create intricate, low-cost wedding decor and eco-friendly floral alternatives. Look for this trend to gain popularity as 2011 rolls around. DIY brides are going to love this.

paper quilling 6
Being able to customize a quilling project to match the exact colors of a wedding theme is one of the reasons this trend is gaining popularity.

paper quilling 13
The concept is finding it’s way into cake design inspiration.

paper quilling 12

paper quilling 15

paper quilling 11

paper quilling 7
Wedding invitations and save-the-dates are the easiest way to incorporate quilling into a wedding. Forget the ribbon and beads, it’s time for dress up your stationery with some gorgeous curls of paper.

Quilling by Ann Martin; calligraphy by Riva Brown

paper quilling 5

paper quilling 4
Fondant quilling? Why not!

paper quilling 1
The palette of colors are endless.

paper quilling 3

paper quilling 8

paper quilling 9

paper quilling 14

paper quilling 10

paper quilling 2

Gawd, aren’t you in LOVE! Like I said, we should start seeing more and more of this in 2011, but until then, you have the chance to be truly unique and fashion-foward by using the art of paper quilling in your upcoming wedding planning. For a quick intro and tutorial, click here.

Stay tuned for more 2011 wedding trends!

  • wow these are really lovely. i'd love to learn how to do this.

  • We went to a wedding in upstate NY two weeks ago and their cake had something similar. My sister asked the bride about it and she said her coordinator made the suggestion about adding quill details to it. I think you're on to something.

  • This is so fun.. I love love LOVE the cakes.. They are fun and whimsical!

  • This stuff is super freakin' cool Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Grey

    I soooooo hope this catches on!!!! I would love to see an entire wedding with this!

  • I've been matting, framing and adding quilling to wedding invitations for 30+ years. They make wonderful keepsake gifts for the bride and are often displayed at the wedding reception. Quilled table cards, placecards, and favors have long been popular in the quilling community. I'm glad to see quilling get some "mainstream" attention after all these years. Check out my web site and click on the picture gallery to see some samples.

  • I love paper quilling. It's been gaining popularity in cards here in Australia for quite a while. I wish I had that much patience to do it… it might be just easier to drool over someone else's work instead! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Some of these designs seem really complicated and hard to do. You must need a lot of time on your hands to construct beautiful designs just with paper!

  • Oh wow. That is super pretty! I love paper artwork!

  • Wow, the details on the cakes look absolutely amazing. So much effort and a great result.

  • Deb

    What a big job it must have been to create this nice website. Very good! And thanks for the contests!
    Troncones Beach

  • Anonymous

    Great cakes. I never thought of doing quilling in such a 3-D fashion. I have been making wedding keepsakes with the original wedding invitation and quilling in New Hampshire since 1973………….. you can see over 100 samples on my website at And every one of them is different.
    But cakes……….now that is unique! thanks for the wonderful pictures……..makes my mind wander about new ideas…
    Sandy White

  • Excellent round-up, Rachel!!! I'm blown away by this!

  • pirooz

    wow . what a beauty full works .I am very surprised.

  • This is amazing, i love the end result!!!! Great post!!!