Wedding Trend Watch: {Jelly} Shots

If you’re looking for a fresh, creatively chic method to serve alcohol at your wedding reception, then I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Jelly Shots.

Jelly Shots are classic cocktails translated into gelatin form, i.e. a grown-up version of the Jell-O Shot (sans Dixie cups, of course!). The hallmarks of a Jelly Shot include: a flavor true to the cocktail inspiration and a free-spirited jiggly form that makes them a delight to devour. Below are a few examples from the pros over at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

jelly shot wedding favors 1
Blackberry Cosmo Jelly Shot, garnished with a paper-thin slice of raw cranberry and a little lime zest.

jelly shot wedding favors 2
Espresso Martini Jelly Shot

jelly shot wedding favors 6
Rainbow Cherry Jigglers, ready to party!

jelly shot wedding favors 3
Mandarin Cosmo Jelly Shot, garnished with a small wedge of mandarin orange

jelly shot wedding favors 4
Pineapple Brandy Fix Jelly Shot, with a tasty little pineapple-topped bite

jelly shot wedding favors 5
Candy Corn Jello

jelly shot wedding favors 7
Mimosa Jelly Shots, cut with an oval cookie cutter and skewered with edible flower petals

jelly shot wedding favor 8
Paloma Jelly Shot, topped with a tiny grapefruit segment

jelly shot wedding favors 11
Long Island Iced Tea Jelly Shots, skewered and sassy with a lemon peel

jelly shot wedding favors 10
Neapolitan Martini Jelly Shot

jelly shot wedding favors 9
Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot, tied up with cucumber ribbons. Cayenne Sprinkle on the side

Jelly Shots are surprisingly quick to make. Many of the recipes can be completed in 15 minutes or less (not including setting time). The ingredients – unflavored gelatin, fruit juices, mixers and liquor –are available in most supermarkets and liquor stores. DIY brides are gonna love this project!

Jelly Shots are definitely a wedding trend to watch.

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  • I love these! You really have collected a wonderful selection. thanks!

  • These are so awesome!!!!

  • RogerWedded

    That last photo of the Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shots has me craving a fresh mojito πŸ˜‰

  • Meg

    Cute… love the first one with the garnish.

  • Okay, maybe I'm overreacting, but I am in AWE right now! I have never seen anything like these! These are nothing short of amazing to me. Has anyone tried these?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool!

  • No freaking way!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with these! And the best part is they don't have to just be for a wedding. My upcoming weekend just got a lot more interesting!

  • Anonymous

    although they are pretty and fun, that seems like an awful lot of work for something i may or may not end up throwing up later…

  • Wow, very cool! I can see why these will be popular – so versatile, too!

  • LydiaLovesDamon

    You find the coolest things. I'm still reeling in excitement from the veggie tablescape you posted a few days ago. My hubby-to-be loves the idea.

  • Brilliant! not quite like the jelly shots I had when i was a student πŸ™‚

  • Telli

    I'm thinking a non-alcoholic version would be great for a kids dessert table at our wedding.

  • These are super cute, for any occasion!

  • Oh my goodness, these look GREAT! I'm going to have to attempt some of these ASAP!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • These are really amazing – such amazing talent and so artistically made!

  • I bet they taste as good as they look,

  • So cute! Loved the Mimosa jelly shots the best!

  • These are great! I'm reposting on my site and will start making them for my brides soon!

  • Great work, haven't seen anything like it.

  • Anonymous

    The Jelly Shots are an amazing idea for the reception πŸ™‚

  • those are lovely. I foresee a lot of tipsy children in 2011.

  • Those look great! So much better than the messy jello shots in plastic cups I've seen before.

  • Never thought jello shots could look so classy! I'm a sucker for cosmos so the blackberry cosmo ones look like a must.


  • Anonymous

    you know they are called jello shots not jelly shots right? but ya those are adorable. such a good idea. never thought they were wedding alcohol but those look so cute!

  • Anonymous

    jelly is what they are, jello is the brand name

  • These are so cute and I would have never had thought of having them at a wedding or making them look so adorable!

  • Looks delicious!:)

  • I've made the espresso martini ones pictured and they were AMAZING (and not that hard to make). Instead of the mold though, I bought a mini muffin tin and sprayed that with Pam. They turned out awesome and lasted forever in the fridge.

  • look so delicious πŸ˜›

  • I'm so in love with these!

  • so cool! gonna experiment with this one and hopefully use it on my big day. very neat idea I've never seen anything like that

  • Yumm! Look great πŸ™‚

  • They look amazing! Great job!

  • These are gorgeous – just shared!

  • Excellent ideas, and also excellent photo's. I've seen a variation of these served in neon UV glow shot glasses – very effective at the night time reception.

  • These are great! A reception can take on a life of it's own after a few rounds of these!