Top 20 Most Expensive Wedding Areas in the U.S.

how much does a wedding costA recent survey by TheKnot revealed the Top 20 Most Expensive Wedding Cities and Austin,TX rounded out this year’s list at #20.

New York City (Manhattan) topped the rankings as having the highest average wedding budget ($70,730) of any other U.S. city while Utah has the lowest average wedding budget ($13,214), excluding honeymoon only.
The other cities are:
1. Manhattan, NYC: $70,730
2. Long Island, NY: $51,811
3. Northern/Central NJ: $49,347
4. Rhode Island: $41,169
5. Philadelphia, PA: $36,294
6. Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, CA: $36,233
7. Boston, MA: $35,458
8. Chicago, IL: $35,389
9. Connecticut: $35,197
10. Miami, FL: $33,810
11. Washington, DC: $33,727
12. Orange County, CA: $31,954
13. San Francisco Bay Area, CA: $31,173
14. Baltimore, MD: $30,073
15. Houston, TX: $29,129
16. Pittsburgh, PA: $28,408
17. Dallas, TX: $27,823
18. Vermont: $27,333
19. Hawaii: $26,722
20. Austin/San Antonio, TX: $26,329
Nationwide, 12% of brides spend more than $40,000 on their wedding, and approximately 1 in 5 brides spend more than $30,000 on their wedding event, not including the engagement ring or honeymoon.
How does your budget compared to the average budget of other U.S. brides?
  • That's surprising, Dallas, Houston and Austin all made the list!


  • Tia

    That's almost exactly what our wedding budget is. Freaky.

  • I got married in Dallas, at a fabulous spot – my wedding rounded out at about $25k AND that was ME doing a bunch of craftiness myself, like my fan-style programs, boquets and centerpieces. OBNOXIOUS. But it was truly fab. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Yikes! 70K! That's pretty ridiculous. I'm a budget bride planning her day for less than 20K.

  • Weddings can be so expensive and it's amazing how quickly things can add up. 🙂

  • Based on our wedding bookings, for wedding entertainment Chicago brides spend on average 11% more than New York brides AND Austin couples spend an average of $750 for wedding entertainment but Dallas couples on average spend under $400, the lowest of any major city.

  • Anonymous

    Ha. I love that Minneapolis isn't on the list. And to top it all off, I think I'll be UNDER my $9000 budget. Sweet.