{Trendsetting} Wedding Inspiration

Hey all you planning brides…

If you’re wedding is scheduled to take place in 2012, please keep in mind that the hot wedding trends of today, will likely be “old news” by the time your event rolls around. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re going for.

The key to having a unique, avant-garde celebration that everyone will be talking about is to introduce some fresh visual design elements to your day that people have never seen before. Below are a few bits of bridal inspiration that dare you to take your wedding to a new bold level. Different can be beautiful. Plan accordingly.

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  • Great blog! Love the pics.

  • Ah the black and white wedding dress…a classic!

  • What fabulous photos and that bouquet pop is just awesome.

  • And I was thinking after the royal wedding we would be in for a drastic change in dress style and fewer bridesmaids with more emphasis on classical beauty.

  • Great inspiration. Where can I get my hands on those bridesmaid dresses?!

  • Ericka

    Good point. I'm trying to figure out what our main decor theme will be, and I keep wanting to use something similar I saw at a wedding last month. I know it will be out-dated by the time my wedding comes. Thanks for reminding me to think forward.

  • Be creative in your dress code and inspire your guests with a directive to source cloche hats for a 1920s' wedding or something rose coloured for a ceremony in a rose garden. 'Dress-ups', if done well, can make for fabulous photos.

  • The wedding dress looks beautiful and the cake looks delicious.

  • Does anyone kNow where those last shoes are from??

  • Anonymous

    Where are those shoes from?!

  • Anonymous

    where can i get does shoes??