Upcoming Wedding Trends You Should Know About

If you are recently engaged or just beginning to start your wedding planning, then this post is for you. We’re halfway through 2011 so I’ve selected a few wedding trends that are growing in popularity and should be highly influential for the upcoming 2012 wedding scene. The word for brides to remember is: details. Oh, and this is just a little taste of what’s to come. I’m working on something that you absolutely must see if you’re planning your wedding for the near future! Stay tuned and subscribe here if you haven’t already!

This first one is one of my favs…

2012 wedding trends
Suspended Petals
Ethereal, cost-effective and an definitely a realistic decor option.

2012 wedding trends
Contrasting Dress Accessories
It’s all about dramatic color and texture combinations.

2012 wedding trends
Long + Light Trains
Soft pastels lighten up this revived bridal element.

2012 wedding trends
Dress Coats
Finally, fashion meets function. These will be HOT accessory in 2012.

2012 wedding trends
Heels + Tulle

Dashing details from head to toe.

2012 wedding trends
Button groomsmen boutonnieres
Easy on the eyes, and the budget.

2012 wedding trends
Crochet Gloves
These tea stained crochet gloves from BHLDN are nostalgia perfect.

2012 wedding trends
Photo Bouquet Charms
An adoring way to honor a special loved one . (Source)

2012 wedding trends
Mixed-up Bouquets
Create a visual masterpiece with floral variety.

2012 wedding trends
Signature Drinks
Personalize the day… and the celebration.

2012 wedding trends
Chair Ribbons
Modern ribbons are replacing traditional chair sashes.

Plan accordingly 🙂

  • That signature drink seems very unique.

  • Wow! That long train pic is awesome!

  • That dangling petals thing looks nice!!!

  • Fun ideas! Love the hyacinth in the bouquet, too!

  • Dress Coats! Haven't seen those in a while.

  • Crotchet gloves! Going old school.

  • That chair ribbons look cool!

  • Suspended Petals! I love it! There are so many ways to do this, so many possibilities! I really do love the way this looks!

  • I love that shot with the spiral staircase, That dress is amazing! I can also see that dress coat catching on.

  • Gilt Inc.

    I love posts like this! So insightful! Keep up the great work Rachel!

  • Jessica

    Love the wedding coat/jacket.

  • I'm sooooo stealing the chair ribbon idea 😉 Thanks for sharing these great trends!

  • Anonymous

    Very cool post! I haven't seen most of these before. I love the dress coat, gorgeous! All great stuff for making your wedding as unique as possible!

  • Love, love, love these ideas! Wish I could get married again!

  • Lana

    I wasn't expecting to see such great ideas when clicking on your link, but I was totally wrong. All of these are exquisite! You know your wedding trends indeed!

  • BeyondEvents

    Wonderful insight on what's to come!

  • Fantastic round-up! We always look forward to your posts.

  • Love every single one of these style trends, but in particular, I'm CRAZY about the dress coat! Stunning!

  • Suspended petals and dress coats are my favorites. Gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Who designed that dress coat? Where can I get that dress coat? It's a must have!

  • You nailed it!