Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Coolest Groom Boutonnieres You'll See This Week

Let's face it, some groom boutonnieres are less than stellar. Most guys opt for a plain single flower or some sort of ribbon design that no one will remember once the celebration ends. To help spark some inspiration for you grooms out there, take a peek at these unique designs from Sweet Little Photographs. It's time to rethink the groom boutonniere.


  1. I love these groom boutonnieres guys. So innovative. May have steal this idea...too cute!

  2. Too fun! Kitschy, cool and all around hilarious! Who wouldn't want to marry a guy who's wearing one of these things?

  3. HOLY COW! Those are awesome!!! Who knew such things existed?

  4. Oh wow those are really cool boutonnieres. Perfect for the cool geeks out there!


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