40 {DIY} Wedding Projects Under $20

Remember these amazing budget-friendly DIY projects that we posted awhile back? Well, it’s time for round two! We’re kicking off the week with a collection of do-it-yourself wedding tutorials that are unique, inexpensive and worthy of any special occasion.

The button ring bearer bowl is one of my favorites 🙂 What’s yours?

diy wedding 21
DIY Button Ring Bearer Bowl

diy wedding 15
DIY Gingerbread Cookie Favors

diy wedding 2
DIY Rock Wire Photo Holders

diy wedding 3
DIY Pinwheel Accents

diy wedding 4
DIY Lavender Sachets

diy wedding 5
DIY Yarn Ball Boutonnieres

diy wedding 24
DIY Paper Flowers

diy wedding 8
DIY Record Cake Stand

diy wedding 6
DIY Knit Ring PIllow

diy wedding 7
DIY Steampunk Bouquet

diy wedding 9
DIY Garden Chandelier

diy wedding 10
DIY Wedding Favor Florets

diy wedding 11
DIY Pom Tutorial

diy wedding 12
DIY Hammered Spoon Tutorial

diy wedding 16
DIY Fruit Escort Cards

diy wedding 17
DIY Cupcake Liner Paper Flowers

diy wedding 1
Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

diy wedding 18
DIY Rubber Stamp Wedding Invites

diy wedding 19
DIY Fabric Boutonniere

diy wedding 20
DIY Floral Headband Accessory

diy wedding 13
DIY Button Ring Pillow

diy wedding 22
DIY Tin Can Place Cards

diy wedding 23
DIY Flower Wristlets

diy wedding 25
DIY Wedding Cake Topper

diy wedding 26
DIY Wedding Honey Favors

diy wedding 27
DIY Glittered Flatware

diy wedding 28
DIY Macaroon Cupcakes

diy wedding 29
DIY Thankful Tree

diy wedding 30
DIY Felt Gift Envelopes

diy wedding 31
DIY Mirror Garland

diy wedding 32
DIY Love Letters Tutorial

diy wedding 33
DIY Mini Fabric Flag Garland

diy wedding 34
DIY Wedding Confetti

diy wedding 14
DIY Chopstick Sleeve Place Cards

diy wedding 35
DIY Natural Wedding Bouquet

diy wedding 36
DIY Sailor Knot Accents

diy wedding 37
DIY Dessert Favors

diy wedding 38
DIY Will You Be My Groomsman

diy wedding 39
DIY Felt Hanging Decor

diy wedding 40
DIY Glitter Wedding Shoes

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  • I love DIY not only because they are budget minded, but also because you get the chance to be a 100 percent involved in so many details!!!

  • Anonymous

    The record cake stand is my favorite.

  • Such a great post. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Loving the chopstick sleeves! Great idea!

  • They look great, but not so expensive. Couples can save a lot of amount if they just DIY some of the wedding stuff. They all look awesome!

  • Thanks so much for including our personalized honey favor DIY!

  • Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I like the fact that they are easy on the pocket.

  • Loving all these ideas. Wedding coordinating in Costa Rica has its limitations, as to whats available, this has opened the doors. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!!!!!

  • The design on RSVP looks good. I wish i could get the same style of RSVP.