Sunday, February 26, 2012

Changing Your Last Name After Marriage? You Need This Checklist

If you are a bride or groom who is legally changing your last name after your wedding, then this post is for you. Below is a list of things/places you may want to update or notify after your last name is officially changed. I created this for my personal use, but wanted to share it with everyone in hopes someone else will find it useful. By no means is this a complete list, but it is a good start.

Consider this your Newlywed To-Do List :)

If your last name is changing:
Update your social security card
Renew your driver's license
Change personal banking information
Change your credit card information
Update home/auto/life insurance policy
Change your telephone information
Contact all utility companies
Inform your employer/payroll department
Update health insurance and 401k account
Send notification to local post office
Update gym membership
Renew library card
Update mortgage or lease info
Contact schools and alumni associations
Update voter registration information
Change your email address (if applicable)
Renew passport
Update magazine subscriptions
Update social media profiles
Request change of school or work ID
Buy new business cards
Buy new address labels
Update personal/business email signature
Update LinkedIn profile

Oh, and don't forget:
Make changes to your beneficiary information
Inform CPA or tax accountant if deciding to joint file
Update car registration coverage
Begin gift registry returns
Finalize your wedding album and portraits
Clean and preserve your wedding gown
Use your guest list to send out Thank You notes

Oh, and you're a busy bride like I was, you might want to look into  You'll save tons of time if you're looking to have your last name changed after your wedding.

Please feel free to leave any other tips or suggestions that I might have missed in our comments. Thanks!


  1. great list! thanks for share this! kiss

  2. Phew! A list like this is enough to make a girl think twice! Though I suppose sharing a last name will make it worth it.

    Thanks for the helpful list!

  3. This is such a useful post for newlywed couples!

  4. Thank you! I have been married 11 years and I'm pretty sure my name is still legally what it was when I was born. lol Except on my driving license. Terrible.

  5. Super helpful! I'm getting married on April 6th. Thank you!!!!!

  6. Oh yes, I've been through this phase when I got married and changed my last name. :D No matter how long the list is, you're doing it for love. :D


  8. I got married a few months ago and didn't realize I needed to submit documentation to change my name for my AAdvantage frequent flyer miles!

    1. What Docs do you need to change your AAdvantage Miles?

  9. You forgot facebook. :)

  10. Anonymous - you're so right. Thanks for the addition! :)

  11. One easy tip to eradicate the whole list: keep your name.

  12. Yes, but tell any men in your life trying to do the same to be careful!!

  13. And don't forget that your INITIALS have changed too, for when you must "initial" this or that change or line on a form or document. It took me a couple of weeks to realize I was initialing things wrong!

  14. love the list!! and lucky me my initials don't change :) just my last name!


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