Wedding Escort Card {Tree}

Talk about making a statement! This stunning escort card tree I found over on Belle The Magazine is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Enchanting by design.


See more fabulous escort card displays here.

  • woooowwwww!!!! this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that is pretty amazing, i've seen them done before but not to this scale or detail, love it

  • Thank you for featuring this and for the link back! xoxo Alex

  • wooooowwwww!!! this is AMAZING :X:X:X:X:X

  • Looks so cool! This is a great idea!

  • wow, this is a stunning idea! I love it! it looks so neat and lovely! Think will introduce it to my client's wedding! thanks for sharing with us!

  • What a beautiful presentation! I know this was a lot of work, but it certainly paid off! Gorgeous.

  • I think I have seen this kind of tree in a movie, the only difference is that they put new year's eve wishes in it. Lovely idea

  • wow ,really amazing and beautiful !

  • Amazingly beautiful. Love it.

  • what a great idea!!!! this is … so so beautiful! congratulations

  • wow! gorgeous! I super love it! want it on my wedding!

  • Wow! That is amazing!

  • Love it!! Any idea where I could find something like this?

  • Beautiful, I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog! Hugs, Katherine

  • So sheen!Exciting entertainment for guests 🙂 Thank you for the brain wave!

  • I was wondering how guests would take off the cards. Do they just stay on the tree and guests remember what table number they are sitting at or is there a way for them to pull off their specific card?

  • I am wanting to do this at my wedding but not sure how to tackle the base? How was it made?

  • Anonymous

    i have a bride wanting to duplicate this exact tree! does anyone have any insight as to what kind of tree this is or if it's a fake tree? HELP!

  • It looks like it's a fake tree. You can purchase artificial trees or you can make one yourself by gathering large tree branches, sealing them and cementing into a pot. Probably a little more work than that, but those are the basic steps:) Hope this helps!