Redbull and Vodka Jello Shots

Looking for a new way to serve alcohol at your wedding reception? Well if these amazingly awesome jelly shots didn’t blow your mind, then these Red Bull & Vodka Jello Shots might be exactly what you need to turn your reception into an unforgettable celebration!


Michelle over at That’s So Michelle is the genius behind these lovelies so be sure to check out the entire recipe tutorial here!

Happy planning! 

  • Brynn

    Now were talking! We're so doing this! They look great too.

  • Yes they are…I'm not into vodka for example but I would totally try for the delicious way they look!

  • Anonymous

    Too cool

  • Whoa, these look incredible! Somehow I never thought of jello shots as classy, but these look SUPER classy! I'm not planning a wedding any time soon, but I just might make these for the New Year's party I'm hosting at my house. Thanks for such a rockin' drink idea!