{Wedding} Cake Shooters

wedding cake shooters
Just wanted to share a cool wedding trend that I’m hoping some Austin brides will be inspired by and possibly incorporate into their wedding. They’re called cake shooters and they are a unique, fresh take on the traditional wedding cake.

From what I’ve found, this fabulous idea was first created by Sprinkles Custom Cakes and the concept has begun to spread to brides everywhere. Simply put, they are a push-up pop of tasty cake flavors 🙂

photo of cake shooters
cake shooters
photo cake shooters

They are portable, visually appealing and definitely something that should be considered if you’re planning a 2013 wedding. Is it me, or are these just incredibly awesome?

Move over cake pops… cake shooters are gaining ground in 2013!

  • These are SUPER cool! Do they replace the wedding cake or are they just desserts you hand out at the reception?

  • What a splendid idea, they look both delicious and ingenious style

  • O. Mayer

    The rainbow ones are my favs

  • I really hope these catch on, they look so much fun!

  • I have been planning my wedding and I have been getting nervous because feeding wedding guests is so expensive. After seeing this idea I think I can probably get away with serving dessert only to my guests. These Wedding Cake Shooters look like the perfect solution to my problem.

  • Hey Katherine! It's your wedding so you can do it how ever you want:) I think these could be awesome in place of a traditional wedding cake if the wedding theme is right.

  • This is Larry Bach, "Mr Sprinkles". Just to let you know that the original CakeShooters(R) are available at Sprinkles Custom Cakes in Winter Park, Florida for pick up. However, the official website is cakeshooters.com for mail orders, The contact phone # is the same toll free. 877-884-CAKE(2253)

  • Anonymous

    I so want these