Backless Wedding Dress…. Perfection

backless cymbeline wedding dress

backless cymbeline wedding dress gaya
This spectacular gown is from the Cymbeline collection. Epic in design + texture. I’m totally infatuated.
Would you dare to wear?
  • Speechless. Purely speechless. Both are too beautiful for words.

  • I've always loved anything that shows off a woman's back…the look is sexy, but paired with the gown you've featured, it also screams classy. Definitely something I would consider for my gown, especially after seeing this post! ha ha.

  • Mitzi

    That dress sure dips down low in the back! Sexy but not flattering for a full-size girl like me. Maybe if it was a little more conservative. Either way, gorgeous.

  • elle est sublime !

  • We have a yes, we have a no…what about the rest of you? Thank you ladies for your thoughts:)

  • Anonymous

    I am getting married and I want this dress.. Where do I get it?

  • Those are some beautiful wedding dresses. About to get my pin on. Thanks for posting!

  • Kat9


  • Anonymous – The dress is from the Cymbeline collection. It looks to the the Gaya and you can set an appointment in New York or New Jersey to try it on:) I would suggest contacting them to see how you can make it work. Good Luck!

  • Damn nice dress. Wish I could see what the front of it looked like. Stinningly sexy

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to show this dress to my mother-in-law to see if she can make me one similar, by hand. She's a professional seamstress and prom dress designer. Score!

  • Wow this is a sexy dress, love it

  • Krista

    WOW where can I find this dress?

  • Krista – you can go to and check out the dress there:)

  • This dress is really beautiful and I would love to try it on…but just to try. I think,this is too much open for a wedding with your and his parents invited.

  • WOW! Beautiful wedding dress. Speechless. I like the simple yet stylish look of them.

  • Thanks for letting us know your thoughts Bawree:)

  • Where can I go to see the front of the dress? I can only find pics of the back.

  • dmarez – Me too! If we find it, we will share it:) Or maybe someone else out there knows where to find it??

  • Anonymous
  • Thank you so much for sharing the front. It's gorgeous, but pretty revealing:)

  • Anonymous

    I am so in love with the dress!!! This is my 1st choice for my wedding next year, but it's kind of on the pricey side.

  • Anonymous

    Check out our website. We have a a video of it coming down the runway.
    Petrov Bridal

  • Mary Kathryn

    Wore it! Loved it! Still love it!