Chic + Stylish Grooms

Sharp-dressed grooms can really add an unforgettable, stylish vibe to a wedding day. After speaking to a few local brides, it seems bowties + quirky socks are how their husband-to-be is adding a bit of fun personality into their groom wear. Extremely dapper for a vintage theme wedding. Would your groom be onboard with this?

Image credit | Uschia and Kay
  • I might have to use this as inspiration for my business photo shoot. 🙂

  • Hanna

    Just forwarded this to my fiance. Seth, if you're reading this, please consider doing something like this.

  • Awesome Hanna! And Seth…yes, please do this and send us pics on your take of this:)

  • Hey Leon – that works too! Thanks for sharing the idea:)

  • Seth

    Ha! I like it. Not blue though.

  • Hey Seth! You'd probably want to do colors that will work well with your wedding colors:)