Pixelated Wedding Inspiration


About 6 months ago, I was chatting with a planning bride and brought up the idea of having a pixelated wedding cake at her reception, instead of rainbow cupcakes. She absolutely fell in love with the concept and made me promise not to share the idea on our blog until her wedding was over 🙂 Well last week, she got married (congratulations Kaitlyn!) so I’m spreading the word.  
Would love to know your thoughts on this?

image source: Modern Mindy

  • Brilliant!

  • So trendy and chic at the same time!

  • Jules

    This would make a "geeky" wedding so much geekier!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  • Evan and Company

    Coolest. Cake. Ever.

  • Forever Remember Events

    Is that just a color design on fondant? If so, seems pretty easy to do. Is the inside pixelated too?

  • It's a beautiful day in Austin Texas to feel the love. Thank you everyone for stopping in:)

  • Gia

    Loving that backdrop! Super cute that the cake topper is pixeled too.

  • Gia – Loving that you're here:) The backdrop is pretty awesome!

  • Very cool and creative, its nice to see something different

  • Wow! I love this idea. With those colors it looks so modern and bright!

  • The cake looks so yummy. Love the colors

  • Naomi

    Oh my goodness, that is awesome!

  • Sooooo cool and creative! Love it!!!

  • Elaine – soooooo glad you like it:) Thanks for letting me know!