Waffle Wedding Cake

Ok, it’s official. I’m undoubtedly a HUGE fan of breakfast weddings and all of the yummy, creative ideas that come with having these early morning affairs. This waffle wedding cake is reason enough to shift your planning and consider adding a non-traditional twist to your celebration. Pass the milk 🙂

waffle wedding cake

waffle wedding cake

waffle wedding cake

Source | The Frosted Petticoat


  • Tatiana

    Okay just shove this whole thing in my mouth! So cool!

  • Mia

    Best part about this is that it won't cost hundreds of dollars to do this. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent!!!!!!!

  • Bliss Events

    I can picture a whole theme with this: waffles, local fruits, mini doughnuts, monkey bread and milk. The possibilities are endless. Hope I get invited to a breakfast wedding soon.

  • What a delicious idea! Love waffles, love breakfast, love weddings. This combines all three!

  • I love that you all love a breakfast themed wedding as well. Plus, having a morning wedding allows you to party all day long:)

  • Jaelyn

    I don't even like waffles, but I would make an exception for this. The pouring of the syrup is like the cutting of the cake, except better!

  • Amelia


  • Jaelyn – I totally agree. The pouring of the syrup is way better:) And @ Amelia – I want too! In fact, after I posted this I had to make some waffles. I'm sure they weren't near as good though!

  • Now this is something Interesting!