Thumbprint Wedding Guest Book

thumbprint wedding guest sign in book
Fun idea for a guest sign-in table!
via Bridal Snob

  • Just sent this idea to my best friend. Getting married in November. Thanks for this.

  • Bree

    This is adorable! We're soooo going to do this but using burnt orange and silver!!

  • Bree – love the idea of burnt orange:) And @ Kimberly – you are so welcome. I sent it to a friend of mine as well. I just love it:)

  • Such a great idea! Not too expensive also.

  • Nice point Morgan! Thanks for dropping in:)

  • I love it! What a cute idea….

  • Piper

    My kind of wedding!

  • Mine too, Piper!

  • Anonymous

    OMG that is so cute!!! were can i get this??

  • A great idea. My daughter had a frame liner as theirs and let everyone stamp and sign it, now it hangs on their wall with a wedding picture in the middle these are so fun.

    Mary Fritze