Kaydee & Frank | Texas Hill Country Wedding

We couldn’t help but fall in love with this couple. Kaydee + Frank tied the knot in an unforgettable Texas hill country wedding that you would have to see to believe. From the sprawling stretch of green to the inherent romantic feel, it’s the kind of setting that just begs to play backdrop to a beautiful celebration. Thankfully, we got our hands on some fabulous Super 8 video shot by the talented Mark Brown that shares how the day unfolds. Enjoy the video and the short recap after the jump.

From the filmmaker:
I am so thrilled to introduce this new film! I was invited to rural Texas to be a part of Kaydee and Frank’s Wedding at the picturesque Camp Waldemar. Firstly, I have to say, that Lone Star hospitality is quite possibly the best thing ever! Not only did the Wedding party have me at Waldemar for three days of fun and frolics but also showed me about Austin. The Wedding itself was incredible… Kaydee looked stunning in her Vera Wang dress, as did the Bridesmaids, and the fella’s kept it classical in bow ties! The ceremony took place outside (ampitheater style) under an enormous ancient tree and by the famous North Fork Guadalupe River… it was all very cinematic, and I even got to ride a Long Horn Bull (not my proudest moment, but it was pretty cool)! It’s safe to say I have made friends for life with these beautiful people and I can’t wait to get back!

Words from the bride + groom:
We love the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, where the camp is located. It’s an enchanting area of Texas – ancient oaks and cypress trees line the banks of cold, clear rivers and pools; jagged limestone cliffs and bluffs overlook rolling hills, painted with wildflowers of myriad color in the spring; it is a peaceful and beautiful place, and the Guadalupe River, on whose banks the Camp Waldemar is located, is the jewel in its emerald crown. We have many happy memories of time spent on the Guadalupe, and we thought it would be the perfect place to have our wedding. The facility was large enough to house all of our guests on-site, which enabled us to spend the entire wedding weekend with our friends and family, instead of just one evening. The camp buildings are made of native stone, quarried locally, and were constructed nearly a century ago. The camp has a rustic feel, but is updated with modern amenities, and all of our guests could choose to relax and be pampered, or spend their time participating in outdoor activities (horseback riding, fishing, shooting bows and arrows) and getting back to nature. It was the perfect place to hold our wedding and had something for everyone to enjoy.

We ran across one of Mark’s films online while we were searching for wedding ideas, and were immediately drawn to the timeless feel of his work. We began researching wedding videographers from all over Texas and the US, and we found that while there are many people who made wedding videos in super 8, none of them were able to express emotion like Mark. His films (of people we didn’t even know) had us in tears. Mark is a true filmmaker, not just a videographer, and his work in the super 8 medium is unparalleled. We knew that we had to have Mark, and our decision was rewarded in spades. He presence was a true joy, and he brought out a side of us that we wouldn’t have been able to elicit on our own. We loved having him at Camp Waldemar, and his work was truly, truly beautiful. Our wedding film is something we can pass down to our children and grandchildren – it’s is a collection of wonderful memories, but it is also a true piece of art. Mark’s style, editing, and choice of music are all a part of his work, and he was able to capture the feeling of our wedding on film in a way that we wouldn’t have believed was possible until we found his films. We cannot say enough about Mark’s personality and his work. We not only found a perfect filmmaker, but we also made a lifelong friend during the process.

Overview on the day
It’s hard to write about our wedding without using superlatives. The setting was gorgeous, the food and drink sumptuous, the guests a joy to host, the music excellent, and the event in its entirety can only be described as magical. It was a weekend rich with romance and emotion, set in a part of the state that we really, truly love. And while it didn’t go off without a hitch (what wedding does?) we could not have been happier with the way everything turned out. The desire for light, love and laughter is unquenchable in the human heart, and we experienced all three fully down at the river. We thank Mark for capturing this for us, and for making a film for us that is not only a chronicle of events, but also a veritable work of art.