Wedding Rentals: Savings and Settings

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Kim Gerlovich, owner of Whim Event Rentals. Below we share her insights for staying in tune with your wedding budget without sacrificing style.

Your wedding rentals can make or break the look of your wedding, and they can also make or break your budget. Here are simple ways you can cut costs to save your budget and on-trend tips to create your look.

An easy way to stay within your rentals budget, without sacrificing style, is through smart planning with your glassware. Many brides make the mistake of setting a full table of glassware because they want a set look. A smart alternative is to have water glasses at the table, but have the wine glasses at the bar. Guests typically will not take their glasses from the table to the bar, leaving unused wine glasses sitting at the table. Another way to save on glassware is to only have one signature cocktail (in its one signature glass) along with beer and wine.

Also, most clients overestimate the size of a dance floor they need. Keep in mind, if you have a huge one it will inhibit people from joining the floor because it will look empty and too exposed – people want to hide in the mix. Rent a smaller dance floor, save money, and get everyone dancing.

How your tables are dressed are key to your wedding look. Here are few simple suggestions for creating certain looks:

Informal Rectangle: Tie together magnolia branches or trailing rosemary to create a runner. Or, head to a home improvement store for drop cloths (located in the painting area) and natural burlap (located in the garden section) to create runners for your tables. If you are remodeling your home with new flooring use the pavers or slate for chargers at your table.

Informal Round: Even with an informal event you should always have a full-length linen. We may all be quite modern now, but it’s never okay to show the legs of a table at a wedding. Have the table set with silverware, napkin, green salad, and filled water goblet. Dinner plates can be at the buffet.

Formal Rectangle: The current trend is to use a bare farmhouse table without a linen. Adorn the table with a braid of hydrangea for a voluptuous look. Mix gold chargers with the farmhouse table to create wonderfully juxtaposed look of rustic elegance.

Formal Round: For formal chic, try a double linen (full length, and a topper) or go for a silk, damask, or taffeta linen. Napkins, and silverware must always be at the table, and plate chargers are a must if having a buffet setup for dinner.

And, finally, whether formal or informal, use varying heights of centerpieces to create an interesting room. You don’t want every table to look the same, but to carry a general theme throughout.

About Kim Gerlovich 
Kim has been in the wedding rentals business for more than a decade. Clients value her honest opinions and efforts to save money while staying stylish. She recently expanded her Whim Event Rentals ( business to open Whim Event Supply ( which sells unique product lines to other rentals companies, restaurants, venues, and more.