21 Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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I love it when I see brides get creative with their wedding centerpieces. The right table decor seamlessly ties together the sincerity of the ceremony with the celebration atmosphere of the reception. Handmade is definitely in while bland, boring flower vase designs are definitely out. Steer away from the standard decor options (mirrors, floating candles, feathers) and opt to share a little bit of your personality with each and every table.

Remember, some wedding centerpieces compliment a wedding theme while others are specifically meant to be a main, bold focal point of the day. Knowing the difference is the key.

Enjoy the lovelies below and I’d love to know which one of these wedding centerpiece ideas is your favorite!

unique wedding centerpieces 2
Pinwheel Wedding
unique wedding centerpieces 6
Burlap + Mason Jar

unique wedding centerpieces 8
Twig + Branches

unique wedding centerpieces 5
Origami Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 23
Apothecary Centerpiece
unique wedding centerpieces 24
Fresh Herb Centerpieces

unique wedding centerpieces 18
Cupcake Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 22
Lemon + Cage

unique wedding centerpieces 16
Yellow Poms

unique wedding centerpieces 15
Baby’s Breath

unique wedding centerpieces 14
Fabric Flowers

unique wedding centerpieces 13
Upside-Down Wine Glasses

unique wedding centerpieces 12
Manzanita Branches

unique wedding centerpieces 11
Suspended Wedding Centerpieces

unique wedding centerpieces 10
Tapioca Wood + Moss

unique wedding centerpieces 9
Upside-Down Flower Goblets

unique wedding centerpieces 7
Succulent Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 4
Margarita Glass Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 25
Straw + Wheat

unique wedding centerpieces 3
Rustic Vintage

unique wedding centerpieces 1
Pale Vintage

Yellow flowers with this would be divine.
  • I love the pinwheels, fabric flowers, and all things with twigs. And burlap – I'm totally into burlap right now too!

  • The upside down wine glasses are so creative and look fantastic! The twigs, burlap, and rustic vintage are also favorites of mine.


  • Bey

    I love the upside down wine glass with the candles and the martini glass centerpiece. So many creative things can be done for centerpieces. I try to convey that on my blog that flowers are not the only option. You can have something unique, elegant, quirky or whatever may match your style by using simple everyday pieces.

  • Love these ideas but my favorite is the lemon cage…

  • I like the twigs, but with some more dried flowers attached to them. I also like the straw and wheat. The suspended flowers are kind of cool for the main table. Thanks, Karen

  • Suspended Wedding Centerpieces-excellent idea!! I love it! And baby breath-so pure and airy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the last one… pale vintage.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fabric flowers

  • Anonymous

    Where can I buy some of those fabric flowers. I am very interested. sneucere@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, i love the babies breath! this is def. what im using!! thanks so much

  • Anonymous

    What kind of vases where used in the babies breath?

  • The baby's breath centerpiece is stunning!

  • These are all breath taking! Wonderful in all and I can't decide which one to choose!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy the origami centerpiece idea but can't find the pattern anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get it from? Thanks. kahluakahala@yahoo.com

  • Samantha

    Is that an LED light inside the martini glass centerpiece?

  • I love seeing brides go with creative centerpieces. They have so much impact on every table and they make a wedding more memorable.

  • Anonymous

    All these centerpieces are amazing!

  • A lot of these are really great!

  • I'm thinking a wine glass upside down, on a decorative plate with water and a floating rose inside. Then, on top of the bottom of the wine glass a large rose, decorated down the stem of the glass with mini roses or what ever your choice flowers. ????

  • You always share the best DIY projects 🙂

  • Those up-side down flower goblets are pretty cool!

  • I love the first and last one!

  • So unique! Love the 5th and 9th ones down.

  • Very motivating

  • just love these Flower Goblets

  • Great blog and the post is informative . Your ideas are really unique . Admirable post .