Fruit + Veggie Wedding Dessert Table

How refreshing is this vegetable + fruit dessert buffet! Colorful fruits and fresh vegetables make this a great choice for a vegetarian wedding ceremony. I bet your guests would appreciate this healthy alternative :)

veggie wedding dessert table 1

veggie dessert table 2

veggie dessert table 3

veggie dessert table 6

veggie dessert table 4

veggie dessert table 5

veggie dessert table 7

veggie dessert table 8

Remember, you can even substitute for an all-organic tablescape or create a fun flair by featuring local produce options!
I’m hoping we see more of these at weddings in 2011.

(Source: Amy Atlas)

  • Hindsight Bride

    Oh my stars; this is brilliant, and spectacular, and gorgeous! I will never see crudites or veggie salads the same again. Fantastic find!

  • Jennifer

    I love it! Such a refreshing change from the normal dessert bars!

  • Dalia M.

    This is one of the most gorgeous buffet tables I've ever seen! And I've seen tons!

  • A & L

    Thank you for posting this. My fiance and I are trying to put together a vegan wedding celebration and this just inspired me to add a buffet to our day. Doesn't look that expensive and would be delicious! Thank you from both of us and from all of our wedding guests in April 2011!

  • Anonymous

    This couldn't be any more gorgeous!

  • Naomi

    This is perfect!!!

  • Aleah + Nick Valley

    This is way too fun and looks just delicious and refreshing!

  • Naoise – OneFabDay

    amazing. just amazing.

  • London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan

    This is fantastic. Love the organic colours, not to mention the fruit & veg goodness!

  • Hudson Valley Weddings by Sai

    These arrangements are great. Never seen buffets like these ones. When I was younger, my mom used to say that food preparation can change your perspective. Indeed it is true. Seeing those vegetables makes me want to eat them all. I bet even children would consider eating these veggies and fruits. And not to mention the colors which are perfectly arranged. Great photos.

  • Erin*Sparkle&Hay

    I just love every bit of this! So refreshing!!!

  • Dominion House Weddings

    Love the beautiful colorful food display. This is very creative!

  • Damaris @Kitchen Corners

    this is amazing. i wish i had been invited to that wedding. i love the colors and how fresh everything looks.

  • sabina

    You gave a great idea for my wedding

  • Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Finally: a healthy (and visually stunning) alternative! :)

  • Elaine

    I am very impressed with the first picture!!! nice ornament:)

  • Peggy Does Cake.

    Utterly amazing!